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Chickadee Bakery

Chickadee is a bakery in the simplest form.

We make Old World Sourdough

We Make Local Creamery Butter Croissants


We make the squishiest Burger Buns


And we brew our own Kombucha too!

还有 自家酿的康普茶!

Ever since a lot of us were little, we’ve had memories of a little shop on the corner. This little shop would always be surrounded by scents of freshly baked treats, the custodians of which would become neighborhood staples. 

对很多人来说, 儿时回忆当中的画面, 肯定会有一个不远过两个弄堂的距离的小店铺。从这个外表不值得人重视的角落里,会散发出一种无法形容的香味。小时候 的 点心,甜食,面包。 这个小店铺的成员也不知不觉的成为了这个画面里的主要角色。

Whether your childhood was abbreviated by crusty European style offerings or pillowy buns meant to cornerstone a childhood snack break, bread is a big part of many lives and memories. 

无论你童年的记忆当中有的是 北方的大列巴, 还是 一个便利店里充气包装的零食,面包是我们很多人成长过程当中一个不可忽略的元素。


Here at chickadee, we try to bake things that our parents would have wanted us to eat.
在 [山雀],我们希望的是能出一些我们小时候爸爸妈妈会买给我们的东西。

Fresh, well cared for bread, leavened with wild cultures, that are healthy, delicious, and smile-inducing. 

新鲜出炉,带着热气面香的出品。纯手工照顾出来的,野生酵种培养的 健康,诱人,让你入口那一时刻有小小微笑的 面包。 

Though there is nothing wrong with Matcha, Red Bean, and mushy rolls from your nearest big chain tea shop, we try to keep things simple.

虽然我们不认为 拐角那个大连锁茶饮店做出来的 抹茶,红豆, 烤馒头 有什么值得嫌弃的,但是我们偏向于把东西做的简单一点。

We bake the way a lot of our grandparents taught us: With real ingredients, sourced lovingly, baring in mind that good bread should be good for you as well, body and soul.
我们的制作流程,跟我们长辈教我们的没什么两样。 向跟你一样贴心的小产家寻找让你满意的材料,用一切经历去好好照顾它们。全力以赴做出一些能喂饱你肚子,也让你开心的出品。

We’re so happy to be bringing you artisanal bread from our bakery here in Shenzhen. Hopefully, in due time, we can be a part of your morning routine, your much deserved lunch break, or perhaps even your weekly groceries.

我们真的非常开心,可以为你送来源自深圳本地的工匠面包。希望在不久的将来, 我们可以成为你的早晨餐桌、午休时分、甚至每周必购清单上的一部分。 

Thank you so much for letting us share!


Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
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Number 9,Liyuan rd,Shekou
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+86 189 2386 1133

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